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about the theme

theme number - 038
- Ensueño
features include…

all colours
background image
permalink background image
sidebar image
5 additional links
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designer’s notes - Ah, so I originally was gonna make an about page in this style but decided to make a tumblr theme instead. Maybe I will make a matching about page for this too. Anyways, this is even more stylized than my last tumblr theme, but I like it tons. The design elements are more complex and gosh, I love how spacious everything is. This theme could totally be non-girly, I was just really inspired by the side image colours!

Photo credits to Javier Jaen (I want a poster of this ;A;)

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sukekikiyo asked:
How long did it take you to make this theme?

About 3 hours. The hardest part was actually the black bar on the right of the posts, I had the idea down in my head but using CSS/HTML to achieve was rather hard because the height effect (in comparison to the content posts / white blocks) wasn’t simple, I had to use negative margins and tables in order to achieve it.